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M&NA Station Track Sketches

Download June 1925 passenger timetable


Joplin Union Station



Neosho 1948

Front view

Fairview,  MO 1910

Front view

Wheaton,  MO


Below is a link to the Wheaton Historical Society with more photos of the depot restoration.

Wheaton Historical Society


Note the current Urbanette depot was moved to Green Forest.

Monark Springs, MO


Wayne, MO

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Seligman, MO


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The Narrows

Vintage Post card

Taken from the bluff by the webmaster summer 2007

Taken from the bluff by the webmaster summer 2007

Taken from the bluff by the webmaster summer 2007

Taken from the bluff by the webmaster summer 2007

Taken from the bluff by the webmaster summer 2007

Taken from the bluff by the webmaster summer 2007

Taken from the bluff by the webmaster summer 2007

A stereoscope photo taken in July 1884.struction

Vintage photo

Narrows stereoscope showing the famed stair case for passengers to view the valley from the top of the bluff.

The Eureka Springs Railroad would run excursions to the Narrows on July 4th and passenger could watch a fire works display from the top of the bluff by using the stair case to the right. Approx date would be summer of 1883.

Taken from the cab of an A&O locomotive

Vintage post card from the Narrows. Note the men on the rocks and the shadow of the box type camera


This location on the railroad was simply referred to as "Junction". The Eureka Springs branch left the main line here and there was also a wye. A water tower and coal facility was just west of this location on what is now the Abundant Memories tourist attraction and you can still see the concrete work for the water tower as you walk into their facility since your walking on the former right of way. Today this area is part of the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas tourist railroad.

East leg of wye looking towards tunnel

Trestle on east leg of wye going over Leatherwood Creek

North leg of the wye, looking toward the trestle on the east leg of wye

Standing on the branch to Eureka Springs facing the east leg of wye

On trestle for east leg of wye, looking towards tunnel

East wye switch, behind is the main line towards the tunnel, to the left is Eureka Springs and straight ahead is Beaver, Ar.

Near west wye switch looking towards tunnel

West wye switch, right towards Eureka Springs left towards tunnel.

M&A #20 coaling at Junction circa 1942.



Eureka Springs

The line from Junction to Eureka Springs is now part of the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railroad. The ES&NA was founded by the Dortch family in the 1980's as a tourist attraction. The family rebuilt the railroad from the Eureka Springs depot to the Junction. Really the only place you can ride over the original North Arkansas Line today. Today the depot is privately owned by a part in California and leased to the ES&NA. About 8 years ago Mr. Dortch passed away and the family put the property up for sale. The webmaster and other parties have inquired about the property as a potential business opportunity but the Realtor (realtors link) and family have unrealistic expectations on the value of the railroad. When first opened they were hauling approximately 100,000 passenger per year, this has diminished to around 30,000 and the lack of revenue is really starting to show on the condition of the buildings and equipment.

Eureka Springs Yard

Waiting room, building is very original

Hall leading from waiting room to baggage room, original ticket window is on left.

Waiting room

Exterior trackside

Looking towards yard

StreetStreet side siode

Eureka Springs yard

Old ice house, also contained power house for the Eurkea Springs tolley system

Eureka Springs yard

Last steam run into Eureka Springs, September 6 1946. The rule was that all trains had to back in from the Jct but not on this day.




Like Junction this area of the railroad was simply called "Tunnel". The following photos were taken a few years ago but are the only recent photos that we have seen of the tunnel.

Caboose view of the tunnel

A&O freight train spots a car at the siding on west side of tunnel


Green Forest, AR

Green Forest track map


 Alpena. AR

Long Creek bridge near Alpena, taken during A&O operation.

Alpena track map #1

Alpena track map #2


Capps track plan, from Oak Leaves

Harrison, AR



M&NA yard Harrison, AR. 7 locomotives waiting to be scraped. 5/1/49


Harrison track map #1

Harrison track map#2

Harrison track map#3

Harrison track map#4